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I forget sometimes how beautiful some songs are.

Fool of Me by Me'shell Ndegocello.

Absolutely one of the best songs ever about how empty a heart can feel when someone no longer loves you. 

Today was once an important anniversary for me. Amazing how a random IPOD pic can bring you back in time, zap.

Music. Scent. A new kiss reminding you of one that was once precious.

My mom was jilted, the day before she was due to get married. The best man came to her and said her fiance had gotten someone else pregnant and that he would not show up at the wedding. 

He then proceeded to propose to my mom because he was in love with her. To this day, over 40 years later, she cannot hear Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman without thinking about him. 

I think it is one of our best and worst things as humans that these long ago things still haunt us.
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